The Future of Browsing is Here.

WebCheck AI brings you the information you need, when you need it.

When you visit a website, we identify the terms and phrases that matter to bring summaries, news, and more to your fingertips. (And its Free!)

Add WebCheck AI to Chrome


How do I log in?

If you are ever logged out, simply click the extension icon at the top right of Chrome and click the login button. If login ever fails, or you get a "You Denied Access" message, simply try again. Most login issues are due to taking too long to enter your information or typing in the wrong password.

What is a Whitelist and how do I manage it?

A Whitelist is a list of sites where our extension will run automatically. To add or remove a site from your whitelist, you can click the extension icon in Chrome, and toggle the "Always WebCheck this Page" checkbox. To manage your full Whitelist, click "Your Websites" in the extension box.

What is Highlight Lookup?

Sometimes, we miss a word. Sometimes you don't want to run a full WebCheck. With Highlight Lookup enabled, whenever you highlight a word or phrase, our extension will provide you the informational tooltip you need.

How do I turn off Highlight Lookup or Auto-WebCheck?

To disable or enable features, open the exentension box by clicking the WebCheck icon in Chrome and hit the toggle switch next to the corresponding text.

How do I suggest features or report a bug?

You can leave suggestions by clicking the extension icon at the top right of Chrome, followed by clicking "Anything Wrong?" to bring up the reporting form.

What do I do if I need more help?

Just fill out a form on our support page and we'll get to helping you straight away.

Product Features

Unlimited Use

Context should be free for everyone, without any limitations.

Privacy First

We are only on when you need us. We give you complete control of your browsing experience.

Always Improving

Our product is built to get better the more people use it, through voluntary user feedback.

Machine Learning

WebCheck AI has built a set of models to make sure we are the best at finding whats important.

Meet Edicratic

Edicratic is a startup built to broaden access to content review. With WebCheck AI, we bring you the context behind what you are reading, whether its the news, a blogpost, or a history paper. All to make sure you are informed, while reading, writing, researching or just browsing the web.

The Founders

Christopher Scherban, Yukt Mitash, and Eithan Martinez, who met at the Georgia Institute of Technology.

The Mission

Our mission is to democratize access to information review. Whether its the website you are visiting or the blogpost you are writing, we'll review it all.

The Journey

Founded in 2019, Edicratic launched a product broadening access to review of college admissions essays, Edicratic Scholar.

Over time we discovered a need on our platform, and more widely on the web, for a tool that can quickly bring people background on what they are reading and writing.

WebCheck AI was born.